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Improve your writing!

  • How can I know my essay is fine?
  • How can I improve my writing skills?
  • I want to get feedback.
  • How can I get peer reviews of my work?
  • Where can I help others by editing their work?
  • I want to make money by editing texts.

Simple and easy way to improve your writing


How does it work?

A user uploads a text document.
We put it in a queue to be reviewed by you or one of your peers.

You request a job from the queue. Once you receive it, download the document,
make corrections, write a few comments, then you send it back.

The first user then receives the edited document and sees the corrections that were made.
They rate your reviewing ability, and provide feedback on your editing.

You then earn R3ciprocity credits for free proofreading of your own work.
For other options, or if you don't want to wait, you can purchase r3ciprocity credits immediately.

What can you achieve with us?

Improve your writing

As you submit documents and proofread others' work, you train our system about your abilities as a writer and editor.
As you gradually improve, you will get assigned to better editors.

Receive feedback

Unsure about the clarity of your essay, business report, or resume?
And you have no one to review it nearby?
Let us handle it!
We'll find an editor for you.

Earn money editing

Once you reciprocate enough times that we can assess your ability, you may get the option to make money as a PAID proofreader! We charge a minimal fee for each paid transaction.
We only get paid when you get paid.

We do not charge you system fees if you simply want to be kind to others, or for others to be kind to you.
Reciprocity-based editing is free.
We only charge if you want the best editors or the fastest service.

So, why not pay the favor forward?